United Sewing & Alterations
114 Benning Dr
Destin, FL 32541



Making clothing is an art form that has evolved over the years in incredible and unforeseen ways. Through Sewing in all its mediums, clothes come to life from still fabrics into lively garments that showcase their wearer’s personality and structure in the best ways possible.

Sewing techniques have emerged and changed over the years, needles and thread have changed into machines that do in seconds what took hands days! Even with the styles and designs changing every season, sewing is still as important now as it was centuries in the past.


Alterations are a necessity for when you want your outfit, dress, or suit to fall on your body in the perfect way. If the hem is too long or if the cut isn’t right, then let the alterations department here at United Sewing & Alterations work our magic with a needle and thread!

With our skilled hands, we can get your dress, suit or formal wear outfit fall and flatter your body in all the right places. This type of tailored work ensures that your outfits are specifically formed to fit your body, letting you leave our shop looking like you just came off of a runway!